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 Defence Strategies

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PostSubject: Defence Strategies   Mon Sep 01, 2008 3:17 am

Morning All

I haven't actually introduced myself yet! I'm Judd aka Juddweizer and the KoH Defence guy.

If any of you are getting attacked please send me a message and we will 'diplomatically' resolve the issue. Unfortunatly last night I was attacked and lost all my troops but I am rebuilding them at the moment. I can only make a few suggestions of basic defence at the moment while I rebuild.

Obviously build crannies! It is one of the prerequisits for the alliance and DOES save you a lot of resources! If you have troops and don't want them getting wiped out while you sleep you have two options.

1) Before you go to bed or if you are going to be away for a while send your troops to an alliance members village as a reinforcement that is not being attacked. DO NOT DO THIS until you have organised it with them before hand and unless you can send the wheat/crop to support your troops!

2) I find this the better option, Find a village that is not part of an alliance and is a lot smaller than yours. If you are going to be away for 8 hours (normal amount of sleep for me) then this village should be at least 4 hours march away. Send a raid to this village. So by the time you have fully recovered in the real world your troops should be back home with a small bounty. PLEASE make sure you don't attack anyone you can't handle!

If you have any questions do message me or one of the alliance leaders and we will be happy to help.

'Semper fi'

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PostSubject: Re: Defence Strategies   Mon Sep 01, 2008 5:10 am

nice Very Happy
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Defence Strategies
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