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 Thanks for the help!

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PostSubject: Thanks for the help!   Wed Sep 17, 2008 4:36 am

Yesterday my start village got captured... Sad
I was started right next to one of the most aggressive players in the SW quadrant, Dr. Kevorkian. In the beginning a made a deal with him. I produced preats for him an he left my village alone, and that was fine.But he wanted to be sitter for my account and I won't let him do that. After this he start bombing my start village. My start village was a that moment still my capital so he could not capture it. Soo my start village would be a burning ruin(= farm) with no possibility to help my 2 other villages. With no marketplace to send resource from, no granary etc... Sad
To make the best out of a bad situation, I change capital so the evil Dr. Kevorkian could take my hopeless village, making my a free village spot, so I could build a new village next to my to other villages, far away from him.
A funny thing: Before I lost my village, I manage to sent my merchants on "Go twice" trips with resources from the nearly captured village to my new capital. So during the night merchants from the new Dr. Kevorkian town: 3. Anthrax
(-151|-111) arrived with resources...Laughing Laughing

And now I wanna thanks all the player already helping me with resources to make a new village! It's helping me a lot! Very Happy Very Happy cheers
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Thanks for the help!
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